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Are you familiar with a preferred provider network for prescription drugs and the ways in which it could save you money?

  • Yes, I've heard of such an arrangement but I'm not familiar with the details.
  • No, I have not heard of such an arrangement.
  • Yes, we offer employees a preferred provider arrangement for pharmacies.


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News and Events

August 25, 2014

The U.K.'s Evolving Pension World, by Mike Smith
Mike Smith, Corporate Consultant at Chase de Vere and based in London, England, provides an overview of the United Kingdom's evolving pension world and the changes affecting both employees and employers...more

August 11, 2014

Legal Clarity on Pension Plan Communications, by Ross Gascho
Ross Gascho, Partner at Fasken, Martineau, DuMoulin, provided us with some legal clarity on the matter of pension plan member communications...more

July 29, 2014

Sun Life's Preferred Pharmacy Network, New Pension Rules in Alberta, PEI Changes First Payor Rule
There are a number of new provincial and Canada-wide developments, namely, Sun Life clients will be able to participate in a preferred pharmacy network; Alberta announced approval of new pension regulations; Prince Edward Island rules that private plans are now first payors when individuals are also covered under provincial drug plans...more
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