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Are you familiar with a preferred provider network for prescription drugs and the ways in which it could save you money?

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  • Yes, we offer employees a preferred provider arrangement for pharmacies.


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News and Events

March 19, 2014

Retirement Communications at Various Ages
Many employers understand the importance of communicating with employees who are approaching retirement about their various options and the matters they need to consider. But this should be part of an overall communications activity that addresses a worker throughout the various stages of his or her career...more

March 04, 2014

Bill 39 in Quebec, English and French versions available
At the end of 2013, Quebec passed Bill 39, creating a new law on voluntary retirement savings plans. Here are parameters around this new law, in both English and French...more

February 11, 2014

Tools you Need, Part I
Our 2014 Reference Guide is an important resource for you with its compilation of the year's latest CPP/OAS/EI and retirement plan numbers, taxation updates, and provincial care coverage. We also call your attention to a recent study on the role of pharmacists in managing hypertension...more
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